Artomatic Fashion Show

ART and FASHION are two things I absolutely love. And when they can be put together in one fast-paced display on the eyes down the catwalk what can be better? But most of you may say that fashion is already art and that art can be fashionable. I agree. But this show last Friday was not a completely typically fashion show. Sure there were tons of models strutting their stuff in fun and sometimes interesting designs by local DC designers, but there were also painted ladies (think pool parties at the Playboy mansion but some also in couture outfits) and gentlemen.The theme for the show was Celestial Bodies. Sounds enticing right? The makeup and hair was “funky and fun.” Backstage was a “swash” pit of models, makeup artist, hairstylist and designers all working on perfecting our art before sending it down the catwalk.

The whole evening left me thinking to myself, I want to be painted and become art. How fun would that be!?! Wonder how hard it would be to paint myself!?! Maybe one day soon I will find out…anyone up for the challenge?

A big THANK YOU to Kim Reyes and Adrienne Mills for asking me to come out and do makeup! I had such a great time doing it!! You can also check the website for Artomatic at As well as Adrienne’s newest work at &