Summer "Glow"

Summer Glow

I am constantly having clients ask how to create a faux face glow to help match their summer tans. I highly recommend to all my clients, friends and family to use SPF daily under their makeup. It is so important to protect your face from sun damage, which leads to wrinkles, sunspots, etc. But that typically leaves us with a face that is a shade or two lighter than our chest. Here are three of my summer “glow” favs.

A favorite of mine for years has been Natural Born Cosmetics Face and Body Bronzer rightfully called Brazilian Tan. It gives the perfect amount natural looking color to the entire face in seconds. I use just one small dab on my forehead, checks and chin and blend it in after applying my moisturizer and sun block.


My new summer-go-to, the new NARS blush Taj Mahal blush. It gives a beautiful golden summer “Jo Lo” glow on the apples of the check. It’s certainly a win when teamed with the Laguana bronzer.Since wearing this combo I’ve gotten multiple compliments on my “glow” and my face has not seen the sun without sun block in over a decade.


After applying the bronzer and blush I love the way Laura Mercier’s Limited Edition Face Illuminator completes the look. It gives skin the perfect amount of iridescent glow.—Shimmer_Shimmer-Bloc_prod220025#ColorSampleLink_sku120047


…and there you have it, you are now ready to sport your own summer “J Lo” glow.