Everyone LOVES a care package?

Care Packages and Photographers

The other day I received a “care package” from a photographer I had worked with while doing a wedding several months back. The feeling took me back to college when your mom would send you a package of goodies and treats to let you know how much mom and dad missed you. It is always nice to receive a package, even if it was something you ordered on-line…we all love packages. I take that back, it is even better when it is something you did not pay for nor one you expected to receive.

The package was from wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer Amie Otto. It included a CD with several images from the wedding we both worked on as well as a small stack of note card she had made from one of the beautiful portrait images of the bride. Needless to say I loved it! The images were beautiful. To me photography is a true art form, like many things in this industry. I always say that photos are extremely optioned. In other words, the photos from a wedding are like viewing the experience from someone else’s perspective. It is their take on your day, the people and the entire event.

When brides ask my opinion on photographers I always recommend picking a photographer that want to be around you all day. This person or persons are going to capture everything you experience as well as some of the details or tiny moments that you were too busy to admire. Amie not only has a wonderful, friendly and warm personality, but she has a timeless and romantic way in which she capture weddings, people, events. She describes her style as, “documentary and modern photography, with a classic sensibility.” I would have to agree.

Please check out Amie’s work on her site, http://amieottophotography.com/. Here are some images from the CD Amie sent me. Enjoy!

Thanks again Amie! Just wanted to let you know that you made my day!! I look forward to working with you again soon.