The most famous gray streak…Stacy London.

Shut up! Is that what she is most famous for? Or is that her trademark natural gray streak that she has had since she was eleven that she still sports? Even her Pantene contract includes a clause that allows her to keep it in the front of her hair. I invited a few friends out tonight to Urban Chic in Georgetown to meet Stacy London. She was exactly what I expected…bigger than life saying, “Shut up!” multiple times and smiling from ear to ear. When my friends and I approached her, after waiting our turn in the mob of admires, she immediately started complimenting our outfits and exclaimed, “Where did you get that?!?” to my girlfriend Alison about her Banana Republic dress. Then Stacy yelled, “I have it too.” Got to love it!

Stacy and I discussed our favorite/cannot live without makeup bag items. One of her favs was Sally Hansen’s lip tint. Without a doubt I am going by my local Rite Aid, literally a block away from my place, to try it out. I will have to let you know my thoughts.

A couple of us even got our fashion forward outfits shoot by a photographer for The Washington Post fashion section, FW (Fashion Washington). Maybe we will be making fashion news in the near future?!?

In the photo:
Alison Bonnet, Stacy London, Carla Ligon-Miller & Courtney Kriebs