HD Makeup Class…

Imperfections to the MAX!! Where art and makeup meet…

Who ever knew I had so many pores and imperfections on my face?!? I just finished a HD video/film makeup class a few weekends ago. It was fun and very informative, except seeing what your face looks like on a HD 1080 camera with no makeup…you can see every imperfection. HD is certainly changing the makeup industry!

The class was taught by Sara Seidman Vance and Suzanne Patterson. Sara is known for her work with DAWSON’S CREEK, BRAVEHEART, COLD MOUNTAIN and PATCH ADAMS to name a few. Sara’s modo is, “It’s not about beauty, it’s about the illusion of reality!” What truth there is in that!!

Thanks to Suzanne Patterson and Sara Seidman Vance for so much wonderful info. And to Rhed Pixel studio for hosting the class and letting us put makeup on you as well.

HD makeup tips:
– Use a small sponge to dap foundation onto the skin instead of using a brush. The sponge will help to apply the foundation in small dots. Think of Georges Seurat’s work of art using small dots instead of brush strokes. Seurat was motivated by study in optical and color theory; he contrasted miniature dots of colors that, through optical unification, form a single hue in the viewer’s eye. He believed that this form of painting, now known as pointillism, would make the colors more brilliant and powerful than standard brush strokes. One of his most famous works is “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” – 1884, which I had the privilege to see the other weekend in Chicago at the The Art Institute of Chicago.

– In HD, makeup will be seen as well if not better than makeup is seen in person, so take that into consideration. Now more than ever taking care of one’s skin is so important because everything shows. This was reiterated when I saw an ad in a magazine this weekend with Brooke Shields showing her face under a UV light that showed all of her sun damage. Scary…we all need to not only wear sunscreen daily, even in the winter, but wash and moisturize daily.

– Light, lights, lighting…makes a world of difference. Many of us apply our makeup in a dark bathroom with yellow lighting. Just keep in mind that the light that you and your face are seen in changes through out the day. The change is dramatic and from bright fluorescent lights in the office to cozy candle light for a late dinner. If you are going to be filmed or photographed make sure the light is the same where you are doing your makeup and where it is being shot. This will really change the way your skin and makeup appears.